1948 Maserati A6 GCS/48 Monofaro

Friday is brought to you by …


Friday is brought to you by …

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Short tiny gals love sex, unlike tall
gals. Many short tiny gals tend to
lose their virginity much earlier
than tall gals.
Fat gals are the perfect gals to love.
When a fat gal loves u, ur lucky.
But thin/ slim gals are in m0st cases
players and not gud at loving.
Most brown gals are hooked than
dark gals.
Ugly dudes usually get laid m0re
than cute dudes. -Plus m0st dudes,
that are not gud looking end up
the cutest gals. A lot of gals d0n’t
appreciate gud boys.
Be a gud guy, m0st chicks will shun
u. Be a bad guy, hurt gals, break
their hearts, and they will love u.
Confusing i know. Majority of chiqs
nowadays dress to draw attention,
NOT to lo0k gud.
Do you agree?
1 Yes
2 No

Call Me Baby?


It is now tomorrow,
but you are not a dream.
You are my waking thought,
as you’re the last image graces
my closing eyes.

I can’t apologize.

You’re the dirt beneath my nails.
You stain my existence
with all things futile
that are as yet;
you’re rain on Christmas.

How can you be ideal
and still manage to be you?

Break me against the bars
that barrier your breaking point;
I am the ram to your bleating.

I only beg
you break me

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The New iPod Touch Will Further Obliterate The Point-And-Shoot Market



Rolling shots galore! 

Lol dom you are so popular!

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Windows 8 form factors

I think it’s great to see all kinds of form factors being tried out for Windows 8’s touch friendly UI. However, I think many of us will be surprised by how useful and natural it’ll feel to have a responsive touchscreen UI on a traditional, but thin and light, notebook. With that said, I’m strangely drawn to the Vaio Tap 20, a big family all-in-one “portable” PC from Sony.